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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Since my childhood I have a vague belief in a few things. I and my brother had this notion that if we see three red cars in a row our wish comes true. I also believed in the beliefs like if the head hits once with anyone one must hit it again otherwise horns will grow on our head and if we see one mynah it means some sorrow, two means a wish, 3 means a letter, 4 means a toy and so on. Though I very soon realised that this stuff just keep the kids happy but somewhere I still followed them. Whenever I see mynhas I do say “two for a wish” and if I see one I do say “no sorrows please”. This happens mostly in my examinations when I see two birds together and rejoice thinking my exam is going to go well and in case I see one of them I say “I haven’t prepared well today, so it’s surely going to be bad”. Well, such are these stupid beliefs...though I know none of them is true (obviously) but still “dil toh baccha hai ji”.

Anyways, while I was moving out of my house I saw two mynahs together and had a long smile. I wished that the day goes well and something good happens. But as soon as I put on my spectacles, I got the situation a little clearer. It was actually one mynah and a crow. Alas!! One bird means a bad day and now I was going to have one. I regretted and came inside. Then suddenly a thought came into my mind. What if I had seen them only as two of them and not one as crow. I would have been happier and actually thought that the day is going to go well and think positive with every incident because I had formed an image in mind thinking no matter what everything will turn positive that day. I realised it’s my perception that matters about those things and the situation. Well, I am not saying that we must find positive and everything and ignore our mistakes or laugh at a miserable situation. I am saying NOT to find negative in a situation.

Just for an instance when one gets promoted in a job, one can become happy thinking his work has been acknowledged and he has progressed further in life or one can find sadness even in it saying “ohh, now there will be more work pressure. I can’t handle so much”. Similarly, when one studies one may think I will clear the exam if I work hard or just say “what is the point when I am not going to make it”. Even while marrying someone one can rejoice in the celebrations or say “ohh god, I will have to love with girl throughout my life” (though this is a little sad:) )… well, I am saying that one can find grief even in the happiest moment and can find happiness even in the pettiest situation. Even the miss universe has flaws :)… c’mon people, live the life, it’s your situation… we may live it or just complain about it...the decision is only ours.