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Monday, February 28, 2011

Peek out of your shell

While coming back to home I saw a severe accident today where a person was badly injured.. .as I rushed to see if I could help, I heard the man had already died …Seeing it, a few tears trickled down my eyes and feeling really helpless I went back to the bus…but after a few seconds I had a sense of an awkward pain.. it was not only for that person but also to see that how the world was carefree about it..Not even a second had passed before I saw the people there listening to songs and laughing as the person was not  their dear one and he was just SOMEBODY… and most important above all as they were too BUSY for that…

But are we really so busy?? So busy that a life holds no importance to us… It is not just a matter on this issue...when I retrospect I realize we had always been busy that we forget to ask for forgiveness for what wrong we did, so busy to leave the people after hurting them..So busy that we don’t have time to look back to the people who had been once our guide and our teacher…so busy that we are just lost in our world…

And I realized someday a time may come when everyone would be really busy for us and we might be alone then…

It’s not that we are so occupied and engaged in our own lives, it might be because we have never cared for those others… but being an another life on this earth we need to FIND some time .. Just thinking about yourself how does it feel if no one has time for u...When somebody just hurt you and walks away or somebody laughs when you are in pain as they are too busy to look what was left behind...

It’s the policy of give and take…We need to have that love and care even for that UNKNOWN, respect each human and have that little concern for them  as it would make this small world so beautiful and would also please us..
And I believe that we can do this little as 

TIME is not that less


  1. a very thought provoking start indeed... a message that is more serious than it seems.....

    nice work my friend!!

  2. thnkuu so much ...i wish my msg get conveyed to some peopl as i really wish 4 wat is written

  3. beautiful thought...i appreciate it.
    we all need to follow it to change this world.

  4. yesss
    thnkuu jaspreet 4 d appreciation

  5. nice thought nidhi, we all realy need to think about ths. gud work....

  6. thank you astha
    n i really wish dat it gets conveyed a little

  7. True, time is all we have, a lifetime if we may. And yet, time is one of those things which are not to be taken for granted, just like the people who care. And its humane to feel pain of others, don't change much.

    Nice read, and welcome to blogosphere.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. @ Blasphemous: thanku
    and dats wat i was tryin 2 say 2 b humane
    n yess it is true dat time can not be taken for granted

  9. Really nyc post nidhi... m glad aft reading ur post...