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Friday, March 4, 2011

A SLIGHT change in vision

There are days when we feel that the world is so gloomy and dingy, and there are days when every tiny little thing appears to be beautiful and dancing with joy.  We at times feel “there is loneliness all around, there is no goal and no mission” and at times we feel “We can achieve everything”, “sky is the limit” and “life is wonderful”.

I have often experienced days when I regret for the things I lost in the past, the failures I faced, the relationships which got weakened and how nothing is fruitful and worth living for. And there have also been days when I realized how I wasted my precious time and made everything dull thinking about it. But what if my vision had a slight change??

It is not just the day which matter, what is important is our way of looking at it. We can make every day depressing, condoling the past and worrying for the future and we can make the same day into a splendid one and full of enthusiasm by just differing our view towards it.

As far as I know, life is lived only once and then why not to make it memorable. And at the end
“It’s our life and the decision is also ours”, 

Just have a thought about it and live life every instant, every moment.


  1. u shud remembr this line more than any1 else

  2. i will really try this time

  3. It is so much easier than done!!

  4. And this slight change of perspective can make a very big change, for good. :)

  5. @ Blasphemous Aesthete: yess, absolutely.. thinking this only i hv conveyed this post