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Saturday, June 11, 2011

It’s so hard to say GOODBYE!!

(Dedicated to all my NSIT friends)

Four’s a very long time, but all disappeared in a flash of second. It appears it was just yesterday that I was standing there nervously in a queue filling the admission form and hoping to be a part of one of the best engineering colleges of India, NSIT: my college, which eventually became my second home. From the very first day to the farewell night to my last exam, everything is deep down etched in my heart. It is still so fresh in my memory that I was filling my registration form on the first day of college that someone noticed the birth date on it and said “hey today is your birthday. What a coincidence”….Lucky day it was, not because it was my birthday but because I had my first step in the journey of four years of fun, laughter, joy, love, madness, learning and FRIENDSHIP. 

It’s not every day that on the second day of college…. even without knowing a person u say to him, “I will kick you one day” and then also he ends up being one of your good friends. Neither it is everyday that you are called by just three digits in the whole college and you keep sobbing about it. In a true sense, NSIT gave me a lot of friends. There were people who were my best friends, some were good friends, some were classmates and there were some faces that used to bring smile by their one look in the day.

If I remember every day of my four years I realise how I lived each one of it n celebrated like a festival. In the first year of my college, I was found to be the most extrovert person. I used to dress in a different (awkward) manner and was always trying to remain cool…Hehe……I was always so enthusiastic and had zeal for learning. There was a dream of achieving every high in life and wanted to touch the sky without wings…..those were the times of my childlike behaviour and all the classmates and my friends adjusted(or I should rather say tolerated) with it :)…… I tried to enter the classes from backdoors, was thrown out a number of times and there was all over confusion about the ED classes…..I made a robot (which nearly worked),  roamed in rains,  spent time at welding shops and with all these I made some lifelong friends.. :)

The second year of the college life gave me not only memories but also a project which was the, “The first ever Indian solar car”. I used to go to numerous places and all that independently. I found the pleasure in working with the seniors and did things which I would have never imagined like cutting my hand with hacksaw (hehe) etc. The project didn’t just add to my academic record but also taught me companionship, unity and teamwork. Another best part of my second year was that whenever the class used to go for a movie or an outing, it was a group of minimum 20 people (a big one)….  All the time it was a series of jokes or pulling someone’s leg (most of the times it was mine:( ).  I still think would it be possible in future to have that laughter again, to have those 20 smiling faces, to have those moments again………..

And then came the third year… when we considered ourselves as the seniors… we had a different attitude even in our style of walking (hehe)….we played cards, kept sitting idle for long hours just discussing stuff at Nescafe and played basketball, volleyball and everything. For a few reasons third years holds a special place in my heart. It’s because that I made many friends outside my department. And knowingly or unknowingly they became so special to me that whenever I close my eyes now, I see them as one of the first few people who would always be there for me and won’t let me shed even a single tear. And then the trip of Rishikesh happened…what days they were…. Chatting along with friends late till night, laughing down on floor with everyone and sharing the bad and good times. 

All this happened so hastily that I never thought how my life would be after my college…. I never imagined myself doing a job and I never imagined to part from my friends. The fourth and the final year came and passed. We hardly attended any classes, spent most of the time with friends. There were outings every other day and there were placements. The placements were not just a mere analysis of skills and talent but were a harder test of patience. I saw so many students breaking down and again getting up to fight back. But then with time, it also passed. And then was our last day, the farewell. I don’t even like this word, “FAREWELL”… gives me a feeling that all the joy, fun and my friends are going away from me…it gives me a feeling that those countless hands fighting on a plate of food won’t come back, those attempts to bring back one’s smile won’t happen again, and those stupid jokes won’t be heard again….

Yes, it’s true that every phase is set to pass but it pains…it really pains a lot even thinking about it…. but I have also decided one thing, no matter where I am and how busy I will be,  I won’t ever forget my friends, I won’t let go those people who held my hand when I needed them….. I will always relive those moments again. 


  1. The journey summed up in one post..... The time was really awesome to say the least. The mere thought of not going to college anymore leaves me emotional, but I guess, moving on is a part of life... Change is the only permanence!!

  2. hmmm..i do agree..but my emotions and my memories attach me a lot to my college and to my friends

  3. Awesome nidhi :).. great!! :D

  4. thank you disha and neetu... :)

  5. I can really relate to your post....Even though one has to let go and move on, it is so hard and every day one fears how life will change and how everyone around us now will not always be there...:(
    Heartfelt and amazingly written :)

  6. true madhurima..its difficult to imagine how life would be...bcoz we r so used to be dat way..spclly sharing those fun moment..m gonna miss it all

  7. Life is a synonym of "cherishing memories." Though I have yet to complete 2 years in my college but certainly this is something I could also relate too.

  8. @prateek: true..yes v keep moving on, but all d memories always remain with us

  9. awww i CAN really rekate this situation with mine..:) I hope when i graduate...i Will have more memories then u!:)

  10. really touching ya...
    terribly missing college life :(