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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The lost dream or a new hope?

when I see the sky, I find no light
were the decisions wrong or was the moment not right
l am so confused that I laugh one time and other time I cry
and nobody understands that, as the tears have also gone dry
what was that I aimed for, what was the dream
I keep asking myself this question, I hopelessly scream
they say find a path, find a way
but the weight of failure once again scare me away
where are those wishes, where is that hope
I find like running away and search for a place to elope
but then I close my eyes and think over again
realises that this what losers say to gain
m not loser, I will decide my fate
I will be the master of my unconquerable soul whatever it may take
the sun will shine again after rain
there will be success all around which will take away the pain

ps: I m no good at poems…it’s my first one on the blog..just some random thoughts..apologies for any mistake


  1. Awesome one Nidhi, the best thing I have read in a very long long time. Very inspiring, keep up the good work :)

  2. thanku so so much animesh for your encouragement

  3. Its indeed very good for a start
    very thoughtful...

  4. In this way we should steer ourselves away from darkness and negativity into the light of hope and grace.

    Beautiful post :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. @shivam: thank you so much yar
    @anshul: thank you ... i hope we all will always be away from dark and achieve our goals :)

  6. very nice post really..
    well keep going nidhi

  7. its really inspiring ya...:)

  8. thank you so much to both of you..smiles :)

  9. very inspiring one Nidhi.

    Someone is Special

  10. Its beautiful Nidhi! Lovely poem!! You should write some more. You have the knack of it!

  11. Inspiring is the only word that comes to my mind after reading this beautiful poem...