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Friday, March 25, 2011

Each wonderful day......

It was splendidly beautiful, the way I had always imagined. There were flowers blooming, picturesque surroundings, a sense of liveliness and an aroma of peace all around. I could see myself chatting endlessly, sharing jokes and then suddenly bursting into laughter with all my best friends. We had that same innocence of our friendship, that leg pulling everyone and then chortling at it. All of us were overjoyed to have each other’s company and there was love all around. There was music and dance. I had all the lavish luxury, I could have longed for. I was at the top of the sky and had everything which I had DREAMT of. 

But then, it all ended in a flash of second. I was back to the reality and my mother was waking me up. I looked very disappointed, to which she asked the reason. I told her about everything I saw and said now that I have woke up, I would not be able to relive it again. I was back to the same old world with tensions prevailing due to work and so many responsibilities. I will have to face all the challenges of everyday again. This world had malice, hatred, jealousy, war, death, and suffering; whereas the one I was in had everything I had always desired. I could have anything that I wish in my dream world whereas in reality, I have to struggle for everything. At this, my mother smiled for a long time.

She caressed me and then was again smiling. I was a little amazed. She then asked me a question:

“Daughter, how did you feel when you won your first debate, topped in class by your unremitting hardwork, cleared your first entrance exam and got the first letter of your job.You were on the seventh heaven and that very moment meant everything to you. You thanked God a million no. of times and it was like that you had won the whole world. Anything, no matter how diminutive or insignificant is, makes you feel blissful when you achieve it with struggle and exertion and not by just wishing for it...” 

Then I asked “what about the pain and suffering in this world”...

 She looked at me and explained:

“Pain and suffering is the part of this world.”…..“It helps in making us stronger to fight all the obstacles and test us in bad times… it also identifies the people who work for noble causes and morality…………”

Out of excited curiosity I asked midway “but why can’t I have all the luxury and everything I long for”

My mother remained calm as if she was expecting it and replied

“Daughter, if you had everything, you would not have valued it… the reason you long for all of it is because you don’t possess it. It’s the human nature. He always adores and desires for those things he doesn’t have and when he does, he doesn’t respect them. So, it always for our benefit that we remain deprived of something or the other in our lives... And kid, to possess all of them, you just can’t be only dreaming. You need to get up and work towards it…and if you look clearly, everyday will be same as your dream…think about it”

At this she left and I thought all about “turning my each day into the one I desire for” once again and realised how true it is….since then, I say

“Live everyday like a dream … It is the reality which is the most beautiful part of life“


  1. wow, nice post. There are so many messages that are conveyed through these lines.
    It is time that we begin tagging importance to things that we have rather than wishing for more and more. Adding to this, preaching doesn't help, practicing does.

    Well done Nidhi!!
    By the ways, nice template.

  2. thank you so much..n u conveyed my msg with even more fiber details by ur comment :) :)

  3. well done NIdhi !! Good work done
    type of doing justice to ur blog name :)
    keep itup :)

  4. @nikhil : thankyou so much
    yes indeed its my thots interpreted

  5. So true! You have to pay for each relish you make, each pinnacle you reach, each height for which you have endeavor for. This is how the World Chain goes on.

  6. @prateek : is "work hard and success will b yours" :)

  7. Nice thoughtful article... Makes you appreciate all the little things in life that you take for granted..

  8. heart touching! SO much reality in it! really looveeeddd iT!