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Monday, March 14, 2011

We were never fortunate ??!!

While driving back to home, I saw a few kids playing by the side of road. What their game was, to pick up stones and throw them back at the same place. The one who would pick the heaviest one would win. I kept glancing at them and realised how they were hurting themselves by doing so. But then they were not privileged as us to have classy playstations or to those expensive cricket kits.

At another traffic light, I saw a child who had injured himself and was crying. But his parents were too busy cooking, cleaning etc. on the pavement itself to give him the least attention.

And at another one there were some more minors who were cleaning cars, selling books, toys, sunshades etc. All these kids were malnutritioned and wearing tattered clothes. They were deprived of education, care and all the fun a child of their age desires.

Looking at their grief-stricken and sorrowful eyes I realised how LUCKY I was to live my childhood of happiness. All these years I have been grateful to have those parents who get worried about my health even by a sneeze. I got all the freedom, the basic luxury to mention for the least, quality education and all love and affection, any kid would long for. And now when I see myself and the people around, I find us many a times disheartened, hopeless and saying “we are not lucky”. 

We feel so because one of our MANY wishes and desires could not be fulfilled or due to a failure or a broken relation. But are we really not at all gifted?? If not, what about the times when we achieved a high and said “thank you god for making me so special” or when our parents are there to transform each tear into smile and we say “we have got the best parents in the world” or when we feel “I am the luckiest to be friends with the world’s best people”.

There are failures but they teach us how to grow, there are some wishes which do not get consummated because if they do, we would not value them and there are broken relations to teach us the importance of people.  Each moment has given us the opportunity to grow and made us lucky to live this way of life.

Next time whenever you feel you are forgotten by god and destiny has cheated upon you, just think once about those abject people who might spend their whole lives there, unknown about the world, missing each joy and opportunity then reconsider that



  1. A thought provoking post that stays with you...nicely written are growing...

    Keep writing... :)

  2. thnku so much 4 ur encouragement always :)

  3. We are not merely lucky, we are blessed!

    Nice introspective post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. nice thought to ponder upon....we are accustumed to the bounded world around us when we are sad over some incomplete wish .....broken heart....or something even worst which we assume it is.. but we really forget that there are people who have been deprived of even the bit of all the happiness that we are blessed thanks alot nidhi for such encouraging whenever we feel ourselves unfortunate...lets give a second thought... "really am i so?"

  5. @ Blasphemous Aesthete : yesss....v r so much blessed
    @ashish: :) :)..thnkuu so much 4 d encouragement.. n u r so rite :)

  6. Nice one,once we realise this we will no longer be sad.

  7. very true abhishek
    v r just forgettin dat how much bestowed be are

  8. It's so lovely article! seriously We r so ungrateful to GOD! we have everything! yet we dun ThanK!...